About us

Imagex (PTY) Ltd, was founded in 1994 in Gauteng, South Africa. As a supplier of products and services/repairs to companies in a wide range of sectors including, Mining, Occupational Health and Safety, Radiology, Private Hospitals and private practices.

Imagex provides Digital Imaging solutions and products namely, Digital Direct Radiography detectors (DDR / DR), Computed Radiography Systems (CR) or Digital Developers, Ultrasound Systems, X-ray bucky Systems, Mobile Vehicle X-ray systems for Occupational Health, Mobile Bedside x-ray units, X-ray Remote Fluoroscopic Tables, Diagnostic Viewing Monitors, Laser Printers, Lead lined doors, Lead Lined Protective shields, Lead Glass, Theatre Lights, Theatre tables, Pre-owned X-ray Systems, Used X-ray systems, Film Processors and X-ray accessories (Cassettes, Lead Rubber aprons, Grids, Viewing Boxes, Safe lights) to name a few.

The Company name Imagex is synonymous with delivering the highest quality and service excellence through the provision of unique and practical digital medical services and solutions.