CR Medical & Veterinary

Superior Image Quality

The new FireCR Flash Medical product line features technology advances pioneered by 3DISC Imaging that result in the highest signal collection efficiency – providing the crystal-clear image quality you need for diagnostic imaging applications.

Innovative Design

The FireCR Flash Medical is exceptionally small and light. This compact size allows the readers to be placed on a counter or wall-mounted, perfect for even the most space challenged imaging department or radiology practice. The FireCR Flash accommodates a range of cassette sizes to meet every imaging need, and cassettes feature advanced engineering that makes them remarkably strong and robust.

Unmatched Flexibility

The FireCR Flash Medical product line offers a variety of imaging speeds, providing solutions to meet any requirements and budget. And, when needs change, the readers can be affordably and easily upgraded in the field for higher throughput.

Only from 3DISC Imaging

No other company offers this unique combination of models, features, and options, providing unmatched value and flexibility for your practice or clinic, and ensuring that your technology investment is protected.

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